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Charity Ping Pong Tournament

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Dust off your paddles and rally your coworkers for our inaugural corporate Charity Ping Pong Tournament. This company vs. company doubles tournament will reward winners with over $3,000 in total donations to charities of their choice. Each company can enter up to 5 doubles teams (10 employees total). Teams will compete against other teams from local companies in a doubles tournament over the course of 2 days on December 10th and 12th. The opening games will happen on the 10th and the final games will occur on the 12th. Donation prizes will at minimum include: -$1,500 for 1st -$800 for 2nd -$500 for 3rd -$750 for best cheer section Event sponsorship includes: -Emcee recognition both nights to a large audience of professionals -Inclusion on website event page -Social posts and email campaign mention to participating companies -Sincere gratitude! So pick your teams, select a charity, and join us at Smash Social for some friendly competition, fundraising, and team building fun!

Valentines Day Doubles Tournament

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valentines day doubles:
  • Join us on Wednesday, February 14th for Smash’s first doubles tournament. Bring your sweetie and battle other couples for a $75 gift card to Vida! Registration is $10/couple. Tournament begins at 7PM.
  • Tournament rules:

Doubles Rules:

      1. Single elimination
      2. Volley for serve to determine server
      3. Always serve from right square to right square
      4. Once service is done rotate with teammate
      5. During play, teammates must strike every other person
      6. Best of 3 games is winner
      7. Play to 11, win by 2
      8. Change service every 2 points
        1. If tie at 10-10 switch every other serve
      9. Winner advances
      10. Final round is best out of 5

Special Notes:

      1. Paddle must have at least one layer of rubber
      2. Any failed serve counts against server
      3. No other service rules enfor