Ping Pong Pricing

Come in and enjoy a game of ping pong and cup of coffee. While a membership is not a requirement to play, it does offer special benefits. A membership at Smash Social offers a unique setting to entertain family, friends, or colleagues in an upscale environment where you can get away to work in one of our quiet nooks, or let off some steam with a friendly (or competitive) game of ping pong.


Part-time player




Unlimited daily play

$10/per person

Free ball & paddle rental

First come first serve


You’re a true competitor




Free drip coffee

Free unlimited play at all times

Free ball & paddle usage

Free t-shirt

Advance reservations allowed

50% off up to 3 guests daily

Member-only tournaments

– Get a Monthly Membership –


You’re a champ




Same as monthly members

Reduced price of $41.66/month

– Get a Yearly Membership –

Contact us for group rates.

*Month-to-month price.
**Yearly price when paid in full.

Let the games begin

Help us make Smash Social the best possible experience for you and your friends. We value any feedback you can provide to make Smash a place you can call your own.